About Us

Zone4 was founded in 2001 by Canadian Olympic cross country skier Dan Roycroft. At the time, Dan was competing as an athlete and he would often become frustrated at having to wait hours after an event for results.

He realized the issue was that the volunteers doing the timing were using outdated and inadequate systems, but because they were on a budget they didn’t want to have to pay for expensive third party timing. Dan thought he could create a better solution so he built a timing system specific to Cross-Country Skiing and thus Zone4 was born.

The original company mandate was to provide race organizers with low cost event registration and timing software, so that ski clubs could time their own races and provide participants with accurate, reliable and timely results.

Zone4’s software quickly became the standard in Canadian Cross Country Skiing and has been used to time every National Championship for the past 16 years as well as most Club race events and loppets across the country. Dan ran Zone4 out of his home while pursuing his athletic career, until 2010 when he hung up his skis and dedicated himself full time to building the company. Sports other than Cross-Country Skiing began using Zone4, and the company quickly outgrew Dan’s home office.

So in 2011 Zone4 was incorporated, additional staff were brought on and the office was moved to a new location just off main street in Canmore where it remains today.

Our Mission

Nearly twenty years after it was founded, Zone4 continues to grow while staying true to its original mandate. We continue to provide race organizers with the tools they need for professional timing and hassle free registration at a fraction of the cost of bringing in third party contractors.

Today with Zone4 Registration, Zone4 Timing and GoChip, the world's most advanced chip timing system, we can offer race organizers a complete package. These technologies have allowed us to expanded our mission so that it can include almost any race organizer, in almost any sport across North America.

The Team

Lead by founder and former Canadian Olympian Dan Roycroft, we are a team of sport and outdoor enthusiast who are passionate about technology and care deeply about our products and customers.

We come from varied backgrounds in elite sport, event organization, software and hardware development and as local sport club volunteers. We understand sport and take pride in the success of events and organizations that use our services.

When not at the office you can find us adventuring in the mountains around Canmore or lining up for a local race. So next time you’re in town, if we don’t run into you on the trails, come by the office and say hello!