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When you use Zone4 to time your favourite sporting event, you spend less time learning software and more time doing what counts.

Zone4 Timing Software

Live Results on

  • As racers pass timing points, the results are updated live on
  • Access from any computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Customize your public results
    • select the fields that should be displayed
    • how racers are grouped
    • how times are calculated and displayed

Race Photography Tools

  • Streamline photo racer tagging and uploading for your photographer using Zenfolio
  • Photos are automatically displayed on with racers' results, on the same day!

Custom Event Pages and Startlists

  • Put all of your race information in one place with a zone4 event page
    • results
    • startlists
    • link to your official event webpage and social media sites
    • link to race notices, sponsors, or any other webpage relevant to your event
  • Post customized public startlists and public reports on

Live Racer Tracking

  • Upload a map of your race course, specify where the timing points are, and spectators can track a racer's position on the course live!
  • Ideal for races with multiple laps, and 30 minutes or less between timing points
  • A great way to connect racers to family and friends anywhere in the world!

Powerful Reporting Features

  • Group, filter, and sort your racers by any combination of criteria.
  • Save, export, and share your reports with others
  • See how many racers are left on course, or have passed a certain timing point
  • Be alerted of unusually slow and fast racer times

Announcer View and TV Support

  • Scrolling results are perfect for displaying results to the public on a large TV
  • Announcer results give the announcer specific racer information as the racer approaches a particular timing point (i.e. name, city, past race results, etc.)
  • A great tool for building excitement at the finish line. Loved by racers and spectators alike!

Simple and Quick Race Setup

  • Guided step by step race setup
  • Use Zone4 sport specific templates as the ideal starting point for your race setup
  • Import racers from a zone4 registration, or to import racers from another system, use CSV file import

Race Timing Tools

  • Quickly and easily change a racer's status to DNS, DNF, DSQ
  • Easily adjust a racer's split times
  • Update any racer information such as age, name, course and category

Built in support for many sports

Optional offline server

  • Use a Serverbox to ensure a stable and reliable connection to Zone4 regardless of the network connection at your venue.

Live lap times were used by the spectators and teams and worked great. I used the commentator view, plus the "race control" results view to simultaneously call and manage the race. I ended up timing, DJ'ing, and calling the race at the same time (shows you how easy your software is to use!)

Iain Ramzee
Grizzly Events Bike Marathon

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Zone4 Timing Software cost?

That depends, are you timing it yourself? Do you want to do it mostly yourself with remote support from a professional zone4 timer? Or, would you like zone4 to come and do it all? Basically, you pay your equipment costs, and for any Zone4 Race Timing Services that you may want.
See all the ways you can use Zone4 at Zone4 Race Timing Services

I don’t have internet access at my race, how do I time with your new browser-based application?

Zone4 has an offline server product that is designed to host the new timing application at venues that do not have solid internet access.
More about the Zone4 Offline Server Box

Do I have to use GoChips at my race?

Zone4 Timing is designed to work with a variety of inputs including tablet entry, Summits SRT timers, RapidCam, GoChip, and manual entry. Depending on the size and complexity of your race, different devices can be used. A small club time trial can easily be timed using the Zone4 android app, and ski races will definitely benefit from using Summit SRT timers. GO Chip will make any race easier, and it is a key component in most races, but it isn’t required to use Zone4 Timing.

Can I test the Zone4 Timing Software before buying?

Yes, by all means! We very much encourage you to test ahead of time and to test run all aspects of your race. If you already use Zone4 as your registration system, you can log in and create a race at any time. You can then practice timing using virtual keypad devices or the Zone4 android app.

If you don't already use Zone4, well what are you waiting for?!
Create an account and try it for free here.

Want to try GoChip? Great! Order a GoChip Test Kit from, free of charge.

I'm timing a race, what equipment do I need?

Race timing requires preparation. Part of that preparation is having the right equipment and making sure it is all functional ahead of time. There are many considerations when assessing what timing gear you need, venue, wifi and cell coverage, access to power, number of racers, budget etc. We have created a list of considerations, essential gear, and recommended gear to get you started.
Essential and Recommended Timing Gear